Rural Tuscany (2)

The market at Montevarchi was a busy place. There were stalls selling shoes to kitchen ware to flowers to vegetables. The cheese and fresh roasted stuffed pigs were most interesting (and tasty.)

After the market visit, most of the group went to a wine tasting. We decided to spend a bit more time in Radda and Castelina.

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The rolling hills in this area are dotted with vineyards and olive groves with many small churches and interesting sites. This small church dates to the 15th. century and is part of the hamlet of Adine.

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Our final cooking session was with Simonetta. It is Simonetta's home where we are staying. She set the tone for our entire stay when she greeted us with a warm sweet cake. She confessed that she liked making deserts more than anything.

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The menu here was: Torta di zucchini, Risotto al fungi, Arrosto al Prosciutto, Piselli and Gelato di Amaretti con Salsa di Cioccolato.

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Part of the Gelato was made without rum for Audrey. (She also got twice as much as everyone else.)

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Following our last dinner, we had to have a group photo.

Tomorrow we head for Firenze and hotel living.

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