Australia - New Zealand (2)

Our first landing in New Zealand was Dunedin. We were met at the ship by Chris Roberts of Back to Nature Tours for a full day of sightseeing.

We visited the Royal Albatross Centre. There were only nesting birds.  

Seals were sunning themselves on the rocks.

Penguin Place was interesting - they have trenches, covered with camouflage winding through the nesting area. This was a fat, yellow-eyed chick.

The downtown Dunedin buildings were well maintained and attractive.


John & Denise (operating the camera) joined us on this trip. We skipped the Cadbury tour.  

The coastline on the way to Larnach Castle is photogenic.  
Larnach Castle is not a castle as in Europe; but, is a nice big house with a formal garden and a great view of the bay.


We ended our tour of Dunedin with a glance down the worlds steepest street.  

In Christchurch, we took the "Penguin Express" to the Antarctic Centre.

Before entering the main building, there is the Hagglund. There is a track that includes steep slopes and a small pond (they float.) It is an interesting ride.

Inside, there was a chance to experience the Antarctic weather. It was "shorts" weather outside inside there were goose-bumps.

The "New Zealand Penguin Encounter" contains some blue penguins - the smallest penguin.

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