Australia - New Zealand (3)

The ship docked in an industrial port in Wellington and then provided a shuttle bus to downtown. It was just a couple of blocks to Te Papa Tongarewa (the Museum of New Zealand.)

At Te Papa, we met some relatives - here are Martin & John Kaiser (3rd. cousins I think.)

After a tour of the museum, we had lunch with Alycen & Martin Kaiser and Sue & Alan Kaiser.
Following lunch, Alan & Sue gave us a short tour around Wellington then dropped us off just in time to catch the shuttle bus back to the ship.


In Tauranga, we joined with Indigenous Trails (a Maori company) for a tour around town and then off to Whakarewarewa.

Whakarewarewa is a living Maori village and geothermal area in Rotorua. We purchased our Maori carving from the carver in the village.

The "cultural show" was a hoot - kids joined in just because it was fun.

A flash video of the show is here.

On the way back to Tauranga, we stopped at Kiwi 360 - the tour of the farm was on a tram.

Kiwi fruits almost ready to harvest.

Off the ship now - in Auckland - finally got a sot of Denise who, with John, stayed on for a couple days in Auckland.

Here are a few photos from the rotating restaurant in the 'space Tower."

The vertical line in this photo is a guide wire for bungee jumpers. They shut down the jumpers at 6 p.m. - so no falling bodies at this time.

This is a shot through the glass floor panel.

. . . a final shot of the Sky Tower as we head off for the airport.


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