Along the Way (2)


The main street of Goritsy and the monastery of St Cyril in Korillov.

During the 18th. century, the monastery possessed 20,000 serfs and 400 villages.



The small wooden church and windmill were relocated from a nearby village.

The Church of Transfiguration, on Kizhi Island, with it's 22 domes, was built in 1714. Legend is that it was built with an axe as the only tool. Since it was unheated, it became the summer church and the smaller Intercession Church was built in 1764 to be the winter church.

The lake freezes to a thickness of 1 meter in this area.

During our travel down the river, we had a tour of the bridge. Someone noticed two small boxes, one white and one red, sitting on a ledge above the center window. The captain explained that they were there to remind the crew that the white buoys pass on the right and the red on the left. the boxes would be switched on the return trip.
The Valaam monastery sits on the far north end of Lake Ladoga. Many of the old buildings are being restored. During the 1917 revolution, most of the monks fled to Finland, taking all of the icons and even the remains of the founders. They established New Valaam and refuse to return anything.

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