St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg -- our first and only rain day. There were fewer vendors and still lots to see.

St. Isaac's.




Peter on horseback.

The Church on Spilled Blood, built on the site of Tsar Alexander II's murder. 10,760 sq. ft. of jewelers enamel cover the five domes.

Peterhof -- Peter the Great's palace, built in 1721 and the Grand Cascade with 37 gilded sculptures, 67 fountains and 142 water jets.


There were several people dressed in period costume. who would pose with you for a photo ($20 a pop.)


This small church, patterned after St. Basil's, was located near Peterhof.

Electric streetcars connect the subway system with the huge blocks of Soviet era housing.
The Hermitage. Originally the winter palace, it has been converted into one of the largest museums in Europe with over 3 million exhibits.

Tsarskoe Selo - Catherine Palace. Built for Tsarina Elizabeth and named for her mother Catherine I.


These rooms give a whole new meaning to the term Baroque.

As we leave Catherine Palace, it's time to start packing for the long flight home.


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