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Moorea was the site used for the filming of Mutiny on the Bounty. I see why this is the image of tropical paradise.


The panorama shows the two major bays on Moorea. Cooks Bay is on the right and Oponohu on the left.

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The ship is anchored in Oponohu Bay on the first day and Cook's Bay on the second. At night the ship slowly circles the island. This gives the ship more safety in case of high winds plus making fresh water is easier in the lower salinity of the open sea. Palm trees line the shore.

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Audrey & Clark explore this lush tropical wonderland where the greatest risk is being hit by a falling coconut.

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Exotic wildflowers are all over the island. The pineapples raised here are small and yellow colored and the sweetest and juiciest I have ever seen.

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Swimming in the smooth waters of Moorea is interesting. These rays rest on the sand under about four feet of water. These have a wingspan of about three or four feet and wrap themselves around you as you feed them. Some rays in the area are much larger.

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These "bubble cars" are available at Avis for $87 per half day.

The Sofitel Hotel over-water bungalows run US$800 per night.

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