Tahiti (2)

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The Tahitian's constructed their hydroelectric system with a series of very small dams to minimize impact on recreation.


If you want to go swimming or boating -- use the lagoon.

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At the very top of the mountain, there is a tunnel. It is unlined and has water running down the walls and chunks falling from the roof. I don't think it was intended for RV's or large trucks.


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There must have been something special behind that bush -- they were back there for a long time.

fern.jpg (44552 bytes)Ferns, foliage and

 flowers are everywhere

 you look.

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From time to time we had another 4X4 near by. There were three that started off together.


By the time we got back to the ship, it was almost dark. When the light was just right, there were bright rays with bands of shadow in the sunset.

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Some storm clouds were on the horizon still, but with clear spots.

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