Tahiti (1)

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I call this photo " A warm morning in Papeete, Tahiti. It's actually an evening shot -- I'm just not much of a morning person.

We did get someflowers.jpg (26589 bytes) flowers for the cabin.

It was amazing just howship.jpg (19039 bytes)

bright it could be -- 

SPF 35 just might 

not be strong enough.


This is Victor and our 4X4 on our way "over-the-top."victor.jpg (79299 bytes)

scenic.jpg (38556 bytes)

A scenic view of Papeete.

It's hard to tahiti01.jpg (17593 bytes)


that there's a road

through there.

It's even hard to tahiti02.jpg (29838 bytes)

tell which is the 

stream and 

which is the road.

Just a tiny wildflower.

flower02.jpg (38083 bytes)

Waterfalls were common in the area. I guess that's to be expected when the rainfall is about 2.5 meters per year.

There was a pool for swimming above the large waterfall and a hotel where we had lunch.

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The hotel, that was quite small, was for sale at CFP 350,000,000.


Here is the obligatory group photo.

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