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Xian is an attractive city. This is a tea house that not quite complete.

There are many pagodas and, like most Chinese cities, lots of people and traffic. The far photos were taken from the city wall which has been rebuilt over the last several years.

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These motorcycle taxicabs are common in Xian. They are about three feet wide by four feet long and seat four.

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This is a farmer bringing her produce to market. With less than an acre to farm, the entire production can be carried this way.

Chinese opera is a lot like any other opera — cannot understand what’s going on.

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As we left Xian, we had a chance to visit a family of farmers that lives in a cave house. The litter strewn dirt road lead up to a complex of several homes with kitchen areas in regular buildings and sleeping areas in the cave.


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It was tiny, but in an area without air conditioning and summertime temperatures of a hundred degrees or more — it makes good sense.

Although the family was not very well to do, everyone looked healthy and seemed to have some fun with their visitors.

Most of the members of the tour group brought candy or cookies for the children in the compound. There were about fifteen of them.

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The pandas in the Chong Qing zoo just did what pandas do — they sat and ate bamboo.

The Peoples Congress meeting center was the site of a major Pan-Asian meeting. Across the road was a small building that was the headquarters of Chang Kai Shek during the war against Japan. The guide described the headquarters as a symbol of corruption.

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Some of the ships at the dock looked a bit rough and some were in very bad shape.

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