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The Victoria 1 turned out to be clean and neat. It isnít cruise ship standards, but for river boats it was OK.


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Feng Du, the first stop on the river cruise, was more of a tourist trap than anything else. The large head was a hotel, still under construction.

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Much of the town was soon to be under water, because of the new Three Gorges dam.

Most of the demonic figures were only a few years old.

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A few of the buildings are empty and starting to be salvaged. Most are still being lived in.

The density continues to amaze me.

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As we move down the river, there are many places where the new apartment buildings have been built to replace the housing that will be lost due to the new dam. Kui Gate, the entrance to the Qutang Gorge is impressive. I was told that the haze almost never goes away. Most of it is smoke from the coal burning stoves and factories. There is no effort in pollution control outside the major cities.

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There is a lot of traffic through the gorge.


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At Wushan, there are 120 steps from the dock to the road, for those who were less able to climb, the sedan chair ride was about two U. S. dollars.

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At Wushan we boarded small sampans for an excursion up the Danning river and the Lesser Three Gorges. In many ways this area is more spectacular than the Greater Three Gorges.

The boat coming downstream uses a steering oar in the bow to swerve away from rocks.


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A few people spotted monkeys running along the cliffs. I could hear them, but never spotted them.

This man is fishing with a simple bamboo pole with a string tied to the tip.


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At various points there were paths with vendors selling whatever ó it seems that some small boats unload their tourists who walk around the rapids while the boatmen get out and pull the empty boat through the area. To minimize the force of the water, they pull the boats in the nude.

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There are two large signs on this hillside. The top one reads 175, the future water level. The lower sign reads 135, the water height at the end of 2003.

The bridge on the  right photo stands 102 meters above the water level. It will be 73 meters below water level in 2009.

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