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Along the road to Mt. Huangshan was a scenic area where tea was being farmed.

The mountain was shrouded in clouds with almost zero visibility.

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Even with the heavy cloud cover, the mountain was attractive.

Note the guardrail on the path. The drop was about 300 feet if you couldn’t catch a tree.

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I can see why this area is called the “Sea of Clouds.”
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Modern farm equipment. I’m not sure what it is — he was using it just prior to the planting of the small rice plants.

This farmer is harvesting tea—one leaf at a time.


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The streets of Nanjing were crowded as people prepared for May Day. From the Bund in Shanghai with the Orient Pearl tower in the background, through the smog.

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A small tea house in Shanghai. The rock gardens were interesting — the stones were glued together using rice gluten.

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Sushou may be called the “Venice of the East” by the Chamber of Commerce, but . . .

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While the “Humble Administrators Garden” was quite attractive, close inspection of this clump of bamboo indicated that it was painted PVC pipe. Oh well.

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Sushou is a major silk producing area. This is the No. 1 silk mill. Really it was a small demonstration area — much too clean and neat to be a real mill.

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There were a few quite parts of Hong Kong . The beach below and the bay as seen from the road to Victoria Peak.

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There are what seems like millions of apartments. All of them small and each one with a bamboo pole holding laundry out the window. There are also boat people — some living on old junks and many living on multimillion dollar yachts.


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hongkong2.jpg (47095 bytes) Panorama of Kowloon across Hong Kong harbor.

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Even late at night it’s gridlock . This is Kowloon at 11 p. m.

The convention Center and everything else is lit up at night.

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Well, it’s over . With Hong Kong in the background, our 2002 vacation that started in Beijing, China will end tomorrow with a series of flights that will cross twelve time zones and end back in Tennessee.

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