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Some of the areas of Wushan looked like a war zone. They are even salvaging the bricks for use in new apartments.

Some factories are running full speed many of them will be rebuilt with new modern equipment if enough capital is raised in the new stock market.


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All along the Yangtze River, there are new housing complexes being built.


This is the new dam. The height of the concrete is just over 600 feet. Several of the cranes are considered the largest in the world.

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The site for the dam has been well studied, but the risks are huge if such a massive dam fails. The dam is keyed into a granite base. Perhaps the biggest risk is silt. The silt load is 1,000 times greater than the Mississippi river.


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Just below the Three Gorges is the Gezhouba Dam. Here we are entering the lock which will drop us sixty meters in one step.


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Below the dams and only a few meters above sea level , buildings are not far from the riverbank and bridges are modern.

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In Wuhan there was a nice banzai garden and mineral museum. The frog was interesting until I discovered that the price was $3,000.

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There was a chance to see a performance using bells and other traditional instruments from the Tang Dynasty.

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Restaurants often cook on the sidewalk makes sense to me.

There is a real effort to attract the tourists and their dollars.

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